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An innovative and flexible program

Become a homeowner with Aboriginal Savings Corporation of Canada (ABSCAN) First Nations Housing Program. We offer on-reserve housing loans to First Nation residents and members wishing to go back to their community!

ABSCAN gives you the freedom to choose: buy an existing property, build to suit your taste and needs or renovate the home you live in now.

ABSCAN can assist you at every step of the process, with solutions tailored to your needs, your objectives and the priorities of your community. ABSCAN can help you make your dream come true!


Discover pride of homeownership, like Denise, a member of Pikogan First Nation, who achieved her dream of owning the home she grew up in.

Become a proud homeowner yourself

Become homeowner

Is it for me?

Becoming a homeowner is one of the most important decisions you will take, both emotionally and financially. Homeownership is not, as one might think, only for the rich. Homeownership is possible with average and even modest income levels.

Success Stories

Many First Nations have developed homeownership policies to achieve their housing goals. These include programs for affordable access to privatization of council homes as well as contributions towards the cost of renovations and new constructions.


With the help of ABSCAN, Pikogan has recently developed a homeownership policy for Abitibiwinni First Nation members.


The Atikamekw Council of Wemotaci revised and updated its housing policy in 2017.

Wendake – a history of success!

Wendake started on a gradual process to implement homeownership in partnership with local financial institutions 45 years ago. Today, it is a vibrant community with quality of life amenities, infrastructure and homeownership rates comparable to its non-Aboriginal neighbors. Wendake boasts a thriving and diversified housing market where homeownership has become the stepping stone to family wealth creation, savings and business start-up. ABSCAN has been part of the Wendake success since 2005. We are now looking to partner with other First Nations to develop homeownership strategies that meet their needs and priorities.

ABSCAN is ready to work with you and with your First Nation whether homeownership policies are in place or not.

I want to become homeowner

Getting started

ABSCAN can assist you every step of the way to achieve your dream.

Step 1

Assess your financial situation

Do you have a stable income?

Are you putting money aside?

How is your credit history?


A budget is the best tool to answer these questions, take control of your personal finances and plan how to achieve your goals more efficiently.

Step 2

Tell us about your plans and get a pre-approved loan

The loan application form is used to report your income, your assets (what you own) and your liabilities (debts). Your budget will help in filling out the application.

Step 3

Build your dream project on the basis of your current and future needs

Are you looking at a single-family home?

A Duplex? A mini eco-friendly home?

What is the ideal size? How many rooms? One or two bathrooms?

Will your family be growing?

Step 4

Make a plan and go for it!

It’s your choice: buying that house you really like? Building your dream house? Renovating the family home?

Many First Nations have homeownership policies in place to help you achieve your dream!  If this is not the case in your community, talk to us: we can work with you and with your community to make things happen.


ABSCAN is a non-profit designed by and for First Nations, active since 2005. Its First Nations Housing Program offers housing loan adapted to the circumstances of First Nations.  Loans for acquisition, construction and renovation of family residences are based on repayment capacity and home equity value. ABSCAN does not require Band Council guarantees, unlike Canadian banking institutions.

ABSCAN is related to the Native Commercial Credit Corporation (SOCCA), which has been serving First Nations since 1992.

For more information : www.socca.qc.ca