Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if I can buy a house in my community? Can I buy the house I have been renting for years?

ABSCAN’s First Nation housing program offers you the freedom to buy, build from the ground up according to your needs and taste, or to renovate the home you are in. SEDAC will work with you at every step of the process with solutions tailored to your needs, objectives and the priorities of your community.


Is the monthly cost much higher to become a homeowner?

The monthly cost of homeownership tends to be higher than rental costs since it includes loan repayments. However, homeownership has many benefits, and may be more affordable than you think with ABSCAN’s First Nations Housing Program.  For more details, see the Becoming Homeowner, Benefits section.

How much can I afford to pay on a monthly basis?


What if I can’t pay?

In case of default of payment, your property could be seized. That is why it’s essential to plan your project and analyze your financial situation carefully. ABSCAN will assist you at each step of the project with solutions tailored to your needs, your objectives and the priorities of your community.


Can I borrow to renovate my home?

Absolutely. The First Nations Housing Program of ABSCAN gives you the freedom to choose: buy an existing property, build to suit your taste and needs, or renovate the home you live in now. Tell us about your dream and we will be happy to guide you through the process.


Why pay more when I have access to low-cost subsidized community housing with no responsibility for maintenance?

Homeownership is not for everyone. Housing is about choices; homeownership provides you with control over your housing with solutions that suit your needs and those of your family. ABSCAN offers an alternative to subsidized housing with housing loans tailored to First Nations circumstances for those who wish to take charge for their housing.


Why should I finance my project with ABSCAN?

ABSCAN only offers its financing services to First Nations and their members. Staff and management are mainly First Nation with a thorough understanding of the needs and circumstances of our communities. Furthermore, ABSCAN requires no band council guarantee.  We lend on the basis of borrower creditworthiness, on the value of homes, and our lending criteria are built to reflect First Nations circumstances such as the tax exemption. We also consider land transfer and band subsidies as part of the required down payment.  For more information on ABSCAN, see About ABSCAN.